My passions, since childhood, have been mostly on the creative side plus a passion for the water. Call me a creative aquarian.

As long as I can remember, I have wanted to create stuff. Some of that stuff has been clay modeling, and other crafty kinds of things like tying fishing flys with beautiful feathers and different kinds of hair or fur. But, mostly, the outlet has been either pencil or pen and ink. A lot of that overflowed into water colors, crayons, pastels, acrylics and oils.

I have been able to creatively shortcut all that work with pens, pencils and brushes by learning photography. I learned photography sort of like when one learns to use any other tool; out of the necessity to get an image in front of me in some workable stage.

I started this in college, taking snapshots of fraternity brother’s girl friends that were to be subjects for hand drawn portrait gifts. That grew to the point were the girls started asking me to take their photos so I could draw their portrait to give their parents.

I would take the snap shot and then trace the subject using a device called a LacyLucey;  an opaque projector that would project the print onto a glass work area upon which I could tape a piece of tracing paper. I’d trace the face, then transfer my work to an illustration board for final work.

I was tutored in this activity by my commercial art instructor at SIU’s Vocational Technical Institute at the Crab Orchard campus outside of Carbondale, IL. He showed me how to do that work quickly so I could put money in my pockets sooner.

Photography and all that background would come strongly into play later on in my career.

I have worked as a graphic (commercial) artist, as an art director and creative director since 1963 and have been in business for myself since 1971. My businesses have included a printing company, graphic design, typography, commercial photography, and color separated films for printers and publishers, and a service bureau where we output files for ad agencies and direct clients who needed final films for printing.

The graphics and photography basics I’ve learned over the years, have made my production times shorter than my competition which, all-in-all, is my edge and to my clients advantage in lower pricing and shorter turn around times.

As a child of 9 I loved swimming. I’d rather be in the water than out of it. I fish, swim, scuba dive and I love my boating. I think I was a fish in an early life… if that is possible.